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Varicose vein is a special care product for the legs with plant extracts and the Troxeru tinum. It contributes to the blood circulation in the capillaries, the dissolution of the trombones, food and tonus of the skin, relieves the sensation of pain, fatigue and dermatological irritations. Varicose veins are used externally like other creams against varicose veins in domestic conditions. It leaves no oily traces on the clothing and is quickly absorbed. The manufacturers confirm the quality of their product with the certificate.

I first learned about this leg cream against varicose veins on the Internet. Then I went to the pharmacies and looked for it, but nobody sold it, so I had to buy it in the internet shop. The price was high, but it was worth buying! I am engaged in bodybuilding, so I often observe the leg fatigue and appearance of spider vein varices. Varicose veins fights really well against the initial symptoms, reduces fatigue and prevents the appearance of new venous problems. I can recommend this remedy to those who do not save the money for themselves.

Feelings of heaviness in the legs after prolonged walking are well known, bone pain, spasms, various pain sensations of the feet - all this causes the occurrence of varicose veins. This disease is associated with a worsening of the functioning of the blood vessels, which supply the body's limbs with food and oxygen. Suddenly they simply stop working and in the fragile walls, in the tuberous veins hung under the heaviness of the thick blood, the trombones are put down (maybe they will be accumulated for years). Such "corks" are fatally dangerous and can only be removed by surgery to clear the passage to other parts of the body, only with the help of a vascular surgeon.

The rich herbal leg cream stock against varicose veins contains about seven active components and a natural troxerutinum. They are all aimed at strengthening the walls of vessels and substances around them. They support the tonus, all cream components varicose veins normalize the blood movement, and this means the blood circulation in the body and in the heart. The manufacturers have confirmed with the tests that varicose veins restore arterial blood pressure to normal levels during regular use.

The positive external influence is revealed with its effect on the skin. Spider vein varices, the same red nets from the capillaries on the surface of the skin, become less noticeable after a few applications of the cream varicose vein. The skin restores turgor and can fully support the muscles and blood vessels.

In addition to the increase in elasticity, the cream against varicose varicose veins eliminates the minor disadvantages of the skin: irritations, acne, the first signs of cell tissue inflammation. It makes the skin of the leg straighter and more attractive.

The manufacturer points out that the cream can be used at home, it is easy to take it with you on holiday or on business trips. It is easy and effective to care for the legs: it is applied like any other cream, does not need to be washed off, is absorbed very quickly without leaving traces on the clothing and the feeling of stickiness.

Consistence of leg cream against varicose veins

The most important active and functional components of the varicose veins are: Troxerutinum (flavonoid). This remedy is used in the treatment of venous diseases. Troxerutinum has an anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, anti-oedematous effect. It tones, strengthens the vascular walls and skin surface, extract of horse chestnuts (seeds).  The extract is rich in Escin and has a venous toning effect. Varicose veins relieve the feeling of bloating, pain and tension. It heals blood tumours, complements the effect of other healing components, eczema of the leaves Ginkgo biloba. They contain a large amount of mocro- and macroelements, alkaloids and flavonoids, which have a restorative, tonifying, anti-inflammatory, neuro-active and anti-oedematous effect on the substances and vessels. It contains tannins, which have vasoconstrictive properties, and flavonoids against inflammatory processes. Sunflower and corn kernel oils have an inhibitory effect, while carbonic acid diaamide in Varicose vein cream improves the consistency of other useful components. It moisturizes the skin,??nthol has a refreshing effect, relaxes and gives a pleasant aroma.

In addition to the active functional components of varicose veins, glycerol, dimethicone, menthyl


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